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Design   Consultancy

Not everyone can afford high class designs at high street prices.

Generation Techs offers the affordable solution for Web Design, Brochures, Flyers and the like. Also, by using a local digital printer, we can offer a highly competitive price on print as well.

Our employees have extensive knowledge in their respective fields and offer unbiased advice for a very attractive hourly rate.

Consultancy can be provided on all aspects of IT from Hardware to Software.

CD Mastering & Duplication   Electronic Publishing

CD continually proves to be an excellent method of distributing information for little cost.

Generation Techs offers a full CD mastering and duplication service on CD-Roms and CD-Rs complete with cases and silk printing.

More and more information is being provided electronically because of the low reproduction costs.

At GT we offer a comprehensive electronic publishing service in a variety of formats from Microsoft Word to HTML.

Irrespective of the format of your source data, whether its in electronic or hard copy form, GT can offer the complete solution.

Quality, Affordable, IT Solutions ......
...... Generation Techs